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In January 2018, the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) launched MyMentor, our optimized mentorship platform, enabling mentors and mentees to connect one-on-one in a guided setting. This platform is ideal for mentors and mentees, and is inclusive of all levels of experience, because it creates a community of mentoring that can be customized to fit individual needs. Regardless of where you are in your academic journey, those interested in the benefits of mentorship can join others in this new user-friendly platform.

The structure of MyMentor was originally intended for the mentee to initiate a mentoring connection. Due to the platform’s large success, and ample engagement from both mentees and mentors, we have now enabled mentors to initiate connections! Alternatively, if either a mentor or a mentee is unsure about reaching out, one can always contact the MyMentor System Administrator to request a connection.

Once a mentoring connection has been made, you can then within the platform, collaborating with your match in real time. Mentors and mentees can choose to share their personal phone numbers and email addresses, but that is no longer a requirement. To support active communication, MyMentor has a chat feature, messaging components, the ability to schedule meetings and export to your calendar, and in addition to personalized goals and tasks.

Another feature exclusive to MyMentor is Dual-Role capability. Dual-Role enables the user to engage as both a mentor and a mentee. This is especially useful for someone in the early stages of their career (or who has just taken on a new role). Someone at this level can be a source of knowledge and support to those still receiving training and education, while also benefitting from the guidance of a more senior scientist. Dual-Role is currently exclusive to MyMentor and is not applicable across the other NRMN platforms and products. To request Dual-Role capabilities, use the Contact Administrator link in MyMentor.

We’re also hoping to recognize those who are highly active in the platform, or those who would like to become more involved in mentorship. If you have been in a mentoring connection and feel that your partner has gone above and beyond for you, let us know, so that we can honor their commitment. Alternatively, if you would like to enter into a mentoring connection but are still searching for a good fit, let us know, so that we can highlight what makes you an ideal mentee or mentor.

We will select one person to highlight in each NRMN newsletter. Please submit your nominations to Katie Stinson, MyMentor System Administrator, via the Contact Administrator link in MyMentor. The National Research Mentoring Network is very much looking forward to working with each of you while you navigate MyMentor and your mentoring connections.

Instructions to become a mentee or mentor in MyMentor:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “NRMN Login”
  3. Click “SIGN UP”
  4. Enter your email address and a password.
  5. You will be prompted to complete a series of profile questions. Complete and click “Submit”
  6. Next you will be taken to a page with links for MyMentor, MyNRMN, and MyTraining. Click the link for MyMentor.
  7. Seek a mentoring connection!
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