Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD)

BUILD is a set of 10 experimental training awards designed to determine the best methods of attracting students from diverse backgrounds into the biomedical research workforce and encourage them to become future contributors to the NIH ­funded research enterprise.  BUILD awards emphasize research opportunities for students, because exposure to meaningful research experiences is associated with improved academic performance and sustained interest in biomedical research careers. Institutions are encouraged to incorporate additional innovative methods to engage and prepare students for success, including those who might otherwise not choose biomedical research careers. Flexibility to innovate is an emphasis of the BUILD initiative; BUILD awardees are encouraged to think creatively about how to address identified needs at their institutions and develop visionary approaches that encompass institutional, social, and individual factors.

BUILD institutions are partnering with other institutions to broaden the potential pool of participating students and maximize opportunities for research training and faculty and staff development. The awardee (Primary) institution will have responsibility for the conduct and oversight of the award, along with the flexibility to determine the optimal configuration with its partners (if applicable) to have the maximum impact. Partnerships involving the Primary institution and one or more additional institutions among the other types described below are encouraged, but not required.