Mentorship with NRMN

Benefits for NRMN Mentees

Resources Available to Mentees

  • NRMNet: web portal resource for online mentoring; networking; professional development; and, mentor-mentee matching
  • Regional programs on grant writing
  • Professional opportunities throughout your career path including training to help you be more proactive and effective mentee

All NRMN programs are available to individuals regardless of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.

Online Mentorship through NRMNet

  • NRMN online mentorships connect scientists at all career stages of research
  • Participants typically meet online for an hour a week for four months
  • Mentors and mentees are matched based on career level, areas of research and cultural background
  • Programming is designed to foster discussion to address diversity, inclusivity, and culture

Finding a Mentor

The National Research Mentoring Network’s online mentoring programming represents a powerful new way to connect with a mentor, giving you access to a broad network of professionals beyond the limits of traditional methods of establishing mentoring relationships through your local institution or organization.

NRMN will help you connect to an appropriate mentor via our online mentoring platform. We have partnered with MentorNet, a customized, online mentoring service that facilitates one-to-one mentoring relationships. Entering MentorNet through NRMNet Portal will link you to our sub-community which was designed to meet the unique needs of the diverse NRMN population.