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NRMN Videos

My NRMN Story

Hear about the National Research Mentoring Network through the incredible individual stories of Network members, from students, faculty and administrators who have engaged with NRMN as a mentor and/or mentee. Videos produced by Pilot Field for the National Research Mentoring Network.


iBiology and NRMN

NRMN and iBiology Google Hangout Series

NRMN and iBiology present a series of live online discussion panels featuring diverse expert scientists as panelists, and moderated by Dr. Mónica Feliú-Mójer of iBiology. Topics revolve around the challenges that diverse scientists face professionally such as the importance of being culturally responsive within mentoring relationships, and typical considerations when negotiating an offer for an academic position.

iBiology Videos Produced for NRMN

This series of videos, produced by iBiology, features lectures by accomplished and diverse scientists. Topics range from professional development lectures on networking and job advocacy, to analysis of the biomedical sciences research workforce, to considerations when developing and delivering programming in support of the advancement of rising scientists, particularly those who are from under-represented populations.

NRMN Guided Virtual Mentorships – Introductory Video

NRMN Guided Virtual Mentorships give you the power to work closely with another person who has successfully navigated, or is currently navigating a similar career path; engage in critical conversations designed to enhance the success of diverse scholars and scientists; share struggles and challenges; and actively build your network among scientists across the U.S.

NRMN Health Research Talks – Series

The National Research Mentoring Network, in partnership with the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Center (MHRC), introduces a series of videos on health disparities research entitled NRMN Health Research Talks, designed to provide professional development information for junior faculty planning research careers as independent investigators in fields related to community-based health and health disparities. UAB’s Dr. Mona N. Fouad introduces us to the 8-video series, which features faculty from UAB and Tuskegee University discussing various health and health disparities research topics in a lively interview format.

Professional Development Webinars:

Career Development Webinar: Helping Hands-Finding & Maintaining Mentorships within the Biophysical Community

In celebration of Biophysics Week, join the Biophysical Society and the National Research Mentor [NRMN] network for this special webinar that will discuss the key role mentoring plays in helping scientists advance at all levels of their career, the challenges and importance of finding a mentor within the biophysical community, the role of mentoring in advancing opportunities for underrepresented scientists, as well as the opportunities to become or find a mentor through NRMN. Guests for this webinar include, Dr. Harlan Jones, University of North Texas Health Science Center, Dr. Jody Puglisi, Stanford University, and Dr. Yadilette Rivera-Colón, Bay Path University.

Career Development Webinar: Leadership in the Academy

Presented by Collins O. Airhihenbuwa, Dean and Professor, College for Public Health and Social Justice, Saint Louis University, Missouri. Given the current political climate, leadership becomes even more critical in creating safe and engaging spaces for scholars and educators opposing views to share their perspectives as they work together to collectively create innovative solutions to promote health equity and social justice.

Career Development Webinar: Protecting Yourselves & Others from Stereotype Threat 

Protecting Yourselves and Others from Stereotype (Social Identity) Threat
Stereotype Threat is a situational predicament in which people are aware (consciously or unconsciously) that they may be being judged or perceived according to stereotypes about their group category. Hundreds of studies have shown that it can be easily triggered and causes a cascade of negative effects included temporary loss of skills and behavior that confirms stereotypes.

Career Development Webinar: Partnership – Co Creating a Health Care System that Works for Everyone 

Teddie Potter PhD, RN leads this live presentation and Q&A that explores variations in working culture within the context of the research lab and health care teams, and their impact on productivity, motivation, professional development and more.

Potter has a rich practice history including over thirty years in homecare. She has often been at the heart of paradigm shifts, including being one of the first home care nurses in her state, starting a specialized home care program for people living with HIV/AIDS, and helping start one of the first palliative care programs in the nation.


Career Development Webinar: NIH Individual Pre doctoral Fellowships for Graduate Students

Columbia University Medical Center’s Jaime S. Rubin, PhD discusses “NIH individual pre-doctoral fellowships for graduate students.”

This webinar addresses best practices for effective grantsmanship, approaches for competitive applications, common mistakes made by junior investigators, and tips to increase chances for success. The focus will be on the NIH individual graduate pre-doctoral fellowship funding mechanism, as well as specific content to include when completing the key required components of the application. NIH’s review process, scoring system, and criteria will also be addressed.