NRMN Partnership Opportunities

Why Become an NRMN Partner?

As a partner we can support your program, organization, or individual needs with resources that benefit and aid research or academic journeys. Further, we can collaborate and generate programs and events to mutually move the national needle on diversity in the STEM community.

As an NRMN Partner, you will gain priority access to:

  • Newsletter article or event features
  • NRMN Social Media promotion of your program, society, event, and/or initiative.
  • Feature your resources on (with traffic exceeding into the thousands; gaining you larger national exposure)

We are here to support you.

We want to strengthen our mutual missions in order to move the national needle on diversity in STEM and representation of our diverse community. In this regard, we hope to collaborate with you in ways that will be most beneficial to your audience and/or participants. Examples below demonstrate ways we can partner.  We are always receptive to new ideas, so if you don’t see something on this list, email with your concept and our team will work diligently to make that initiative a reality.

  • Utilize the resources within MyNRMN (mentoring and networking platform)
  • Create an exclusive guided virtual mentoring environment within MyMentor (guided virtual mentorship platform)
  • Sponsor and/or contribute resources and content to NRMN website,  newsletter and/or social media platforms
  • Co-Host Professional Development Webinar, Podcast and/or Twitter Chat (Podcast coming soon!) #NRMNwebinar
  • Co-facilitate an event at a national conference and/or meeting

Join us

Any Individual, Professional/ Scientific Society, Institution, Organization, Program, Center, etc. that is interested in collaborating to foster evidence based mentorship, networking and professional development opportunities for all career stages within the biomedical research and STEM workforce. We serve all stages in the STEM community:

  • Undergraduate Students
  • Graduate Students & PhD Candidates
  • Postdoc Researchers & Junior Faculty
  • Senior Faculty
  • Professional Researchers
  • Academic Administrators

How to connect

Scan the bar code to the right, click HERE to fill out the form, or email us directly at if you have any further questions and/or requests. We look forward to connecting and collaborating with you!

  • Use the QR code to access the Partner Form, or
  • Send us an email at