Research Mentee Trainings @ University of California San Diego

///Research Mentee Trainings @ University of California San Diego
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These workshops are designated to maximize mentees’ effectiveness and strengthen their mentor relationship. The goals and expectations for mentee training will vary based on the activities that are implemented.  The mentee training activities are all organized around 7 areas of trainee development and 16 meta-learning objectives below.

During this training, you will experience the process-based approach to mentee training. Topics may include:

Research Comprehension & Communication Skills

  • Develop Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Establish and Maintain Professional Relationships
  • Develop Disciplinary Knowledge
  • Develop Science Communication Skills
  • Develop Logical/Critical Thinking Skills
  • Develop and Understanding of the Research Environment

Practical Research Skills

  • Develop Ability to Design a Research Project
  • Develop Ability to Conduct a Research Project

Research Ethics

  • Research Responsible & Ethical Research Practices

Researcher Identity

  • Develop Identity as a Researcher

Researcher Confidence & Independence

  • Develop Confidence as a Researcher
  • Develop Independence as a Researcher

Cultural Awareness & Skills

  • Develop Skills to Deal with Personal Differences in the Research Environment
  • Advance Equity and Inclusion in the Research Environment

Professional & Career Development Skills

  • Explore & Pursue a Research Career
  • Develop Confidence in Pursuing a Research Career

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