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Wellness Tips from NRMN Staff

In honor of Mental Health Month, we asked our staff members what they do to support and prioritize their mental health. Here’s what they said:

1. I keep up the physical activity, go for walks and appreciate the Texas wildflowers and natural beauty. — Jamboor Vishwanatha, NRMN-RC


2. Each day we only have 100% to give and not all days are created equal. Strive to give 100% of what you have available each day, and don’t compare one day’s maximum capacity to another. — Katie Stinson, NRMN-RC


3. I am spending more and more time gardening. There is something incredibly grounding about working the soil, planting and even just watering the garden. — Chris Pfund, NRMN-CC


4. As a mother, full-time employee, doctoral student, it is easy to attend to everything but yourself. So, I make sure that I prioritize and set aside at least 30 minutes per day to attend to my self-care (exercising, taking a nap, going for a walk/run, watching shows/movies, anything that helps me disconnect). — Damaris Javier, NRMN-RC


5. I take some time to explore the parks around my home. Watching birds and other wildlife helps me de-stress after a long day. — Gabrielle Saleh, NRMN-RC


6. To manage stress I dance around the living room to loud music.  — Stephanie House, NRMN CAM U01


7. I have a bedtime ritual that includes drinking tea and reading fiction. I usually have a few books next to my bed to choose from depending on my mood. I very intentionally leave my phone in the kitchen overnight! — Emily Utzerath, NRMN-CC


8. Small rituals for myself, like making a nice cup of tea, help keep me on a routine and grounded. Take some loose leaf green tea, heat the water to ~190 degrees, pour over a strainer into a pot or insulated mug, and leave no more than 3 minutes. Enjoy the smell, pour yourself a cup, and close the pot/mug to keep the rest of it hot.  —Fátima Sancheznieto, NRMN-CC


9. I prioritize a few things that I know are critical to my mental health, all which require time so I intentionally ensure that I have ample time to eat well (meal prepping), exercise ~4x/wk and spend a few hours in nature. — Ellyssa Eiring, NRMN CAM U01


10.  I make time during each work day to step away from the computer and take the pup for a walk. This routine helps to break up my day and keeps me focused. Even if the weather is cold or rainy, I never regret the exercise! — Kim Spencer, NRMN-CC


11. Mental health is one of my top priorities. I try to get outside and hike as much as possible, get massages, cardio activity, monitor screen time, and ask for help when I need it!  — Melissa McDaniels, NRMN-CC


12. Getting out when the weather is nice and exercise (separate or combined) have the most positive impact on my mental health! — Jimmy Robinson, NRMN-CC


13. I support my mental health by tuning into my needs and giving myself grace. Sometimes, in order to get through the tough life duties done I have to allow myself to reconnect with my inner kid and do things like craft, silly dance, or play with my furry friends. That balance is really important to me. — Lisette Serrano, NRMN-CC


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