MyNRMN Enhancements & Highlights – September 2020

//MyNRMN Enhancements & Highlights – September 2020

MyNRMN Enhancements & Highlights – September 2020

September 2020

The MyNRMN Team has been working hard to get ready for all things Fall:  conferences, academics, and everything online moving faster than ever!  In preparation for the Fall season, we’re rolling out a new feature, implementing some performance enhancements, and reached a milestone with the Unconscious Bias Course!

New Feature:  NRMN Champion (coming soon!)

MyNRMN has so many dedicated users that we’ve realized we can no longer only refer to them as “users,” because they are so much more!  During the upcoming conferences (SACNAS, ABRCMS, and NIH Virtual Seminar), get ready to start learning about our NRMN Champions!  The NRMN Champions are people who will represent their home institution within MyNRMN and help welcome and introduce new members from their institution and/or network to all of the resources that NRMN has to offer.  Each institution can have up to 2 mentees and 1 mentor represent it as an NRMN Champion and Champions will receive a downloadable certificate and a badge within their NRMN profile to signify their status.

If you’re interested in becoming an NRMN Champion, let us know by completing this short survey:

We’re looking forward to meeting all of our new, official NRMN Champions!

Enhancement:  NRMN Enrollment

Over the past year the MyNRMN Team has been analyzing and assessing the enrollment process to join NRMN – and we get it – it was a PROCESS!  We have updated the enrollment form and removed multiple clicks to make joining NRMN as simple as possible!  Now when potential members click “Join NRMN,” they will be taken to a simple form requiring only their email address, password, mentee or mentor selection, first/last name, race, citizenship status, organization, zip code, and confirmation that they are over 18 years old.  And that’s it – membership status acquired!

Enhancement:  Performance Updates

After the Unconscious Bias Course was announced in NRMN’s July Newsletter, the course website reached over 1,000 hits within an hour; it was then that we knew it was time to upgrade our servers!  Since then, MyNRMN has been running faster than ever and we utilized this extra bandwidth to update our recommendation algorithm!  NRMN now has over 16,000 members and our updated algorithm is constantly adjusting based on your activities to provide new recommendations to include in your mentoring network.  Hesitant to connect?  Start by using the “Ask me a question” button found in the search results.

Learn:  Unconscious Bias Course

We assumed that the Unconscious Bias Course would be well-received, but we had no idea that it would take off as well as it has!  The Unconscious Bias Course launched at the end of July, and on September 14th the course surpassed 400 participants!  We are so proud of this course and so honored at the opportunity to work with two Unconscious Bias experts, Drs. Mirabelle Fernandez-Paul and Linda Solis, as well as the Center for Innovative Learning at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.  The course contains 5 modules with each module taking approximately 20 minutes to complete.  If you haven’t had a chance to take the course yet, I highly recommend that you enroll as soon as possible!

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